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Essential Voiceover Training

Essential Voiceover Training is the place to be for ALL of the essential voiceover training you need to stay competitive in this ever-growing field. Starting with Essential Voiceover Fundamentals you get a 5 Phase Comprehensive Course consisting of nearly 40 videos painstakingly designed to provide the ESSENTIAL information you need to start, build, and grow your voiceover business.


Click COURSES to get access to Essential Voiceover Fundamentals. This is a 5 Phase Comprehensive training course that will provide:

  • Full spectrum VO curriculum from start up to success
  • Complete walkthrough of the FIVE ESSENTIAL steps for VO success
  • Coaching on what style or genre of voiceover you want to do
  • Full analysis and recommendation on what equipment to buy and why
  • Full analysis and recommendation on what software to buy and why
  • Professional recommendations on setting up your recording space and booth
  • How-to find and audition for voiceover jobs
  • Tutorials on how to acquire proper posture, performance tips, and how to market yourself successfully
  • And MORE!


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Hi, my name is Paul Carter and I have been a voiceover actor for many years working on projects for companies like Amazon Studios, Pepsi, Goodyear, State Farm and many others. And guess what? I live in the Midwest USA! That's right, you don't have to live in L.A. or New York to have a highly successful voiceover career! I have been doing this for years and each year just gets better and better. In 2017 the voiceover industry generated over $4 BILLION DOLLARS in revenue. And it is definitely not slowing down. Are you interested?

So if you're even slightly interested in finding out how you can get into voiceover then check out the Essential Voiceover Training courses I created.

What will this training do for you?

This training will provide you a NEW experience in voiceover training and coaching. A TRULY Holistic VoiceOver Training experience. 

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