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Making money in voice over - a bad thing?



Believe it or not I hear this a lot from people when they talk to new comers about if they want to get into voice over.

They often say that a person should not even think about getting into voiceover if all they’re thinking about is the money that they might make as a voiceover artist.

But I want to tell you today why that is actually a wrong way to look at it.

Here’s a question: If you’re entrepreneurially minded, whether you’re creative or noncreative, what is the number one reason you’re wanting to get in to business?


Surprise right? No. Not really.

I mean, do people actually expect you to work for free?

No. In fact it is one of the basic survival skills of our human condition that we need to find ways to make money – because we have to survive! Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs established this as the foundation for motivation way back in 1943. The...

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Hi! Welcome to Essential Voice Over Training!


Hey there!

Thanks so much for stopping by the VLOG for Essential Voice Over Training. Please watch this short video in which I introduce myself and tell you a little bit about our goals and passion to share voice over knowledge with you.

Hope you enjoy!

Paul and Essential Voice Over Training

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Mic Placement


Hey all! 

Quick little post here about mic placement. It doesn't have to be hard. Test it out, move it around... if it sounds good you're there in the sweet spot!



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Hi-Boy Break Time!



Hope you all are doing great!

Been busy this week, but that's a GOOD thing! And, it's also really good to TAKE BREAKS! Plan them out, don't just say "I'll get to it when I can."

Sharpen the Saw (AS Steven Covey says).

Take the time to pause, and breathe, and rest, and relax.

You WILL be better for it!

Oh, and FYI... Hi-Boy is a local burger joint in the KC area that makes the world BEST burgers and tots and shakes! Yummmm!

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Zoom Conferencing for Voice Over Directed Sessions



Zoom Conferencing is great for voice over directed sessions.

They do offer a free version and it works easy and pretty much kicks ass.

Give it a shot!



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Use Your Voice like an Instrument to improve Voice Over performance



Did you know that your Voice as an Instrument?

It's true!

Just like in music when the instruments can convey emotions, your VOICE should do the same! In fact, it should do that EVEN BETTER than an instrument!

So make your voice SING like an instrument and convey those emotions!


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